Leverage our networks, knowledge and risk-capital to jump-start your venture!



IIMA Student Entrepreneurship Support.

CIIE is actively catalyzing entrepreneurship at IIMA through credit courses and research in innovation and entrepreneurship areas. Placement deferral, startup fellowships, graduating student accelerator and summer entrepreneurship internships are some key initiatives by CIIE to help more and more students take the plunge.


Any innovator, aspiring entrepreneur or early-stage startup from across the country can benefit from our support. You don’t have to be an IIMA student or alum, nor do you need to be in Ahmedabad to leverage our expertise! Check out our initiatives below and apply for the most relevant one! If you are confused, get in touch with us directly!

How to get help from Gujarat Goverment’s Startup Policy?

An aspiring entrepreneur needs different types of support ranging from mentoring, infrastructure facilities to investments. You can benefit from our expertise & support including assistance from Gujarat Government. Explore to know more.

We are currently not accepting new applications for Gujarat Government Support Scheme.


Our accelerators are the ideal way of engaging with us – providing you a structured mechanism of learning, networking, scaling-up and raising capital. We run sector-agnostic, regional and sector-specific accelerators through the year.


We periodically conduct accelerators to help start-ups engage and work with us. But if you have missed one, do not be discouraged. We provide co-working spaces – infra, community and networks – at at our centers in Ahmedabad and Jaipur.



We prefer putting our skin in the game as part of our support to entrepreneurs. While we prefer investing in ventures during or after an accelerator program, we are also open to investing directly in exceptional cases. We don’t look at us as a financing institute and therefore prefer engaging with entrepreneurs who will benefit from us in more ways than just funds!

Having said that, in the sectors that we operate we understand that risk-capital is hard to find and have therefore created interventions to bridge this gap. We manage seed-funds and venture funds and have the ability to invest typically between Rs 5 lacs to Rs 5 crores, depending on stage and sector of the venture.

While we prefer making equity investments, we have not shied away from providing prototyping and piloting grants in our attempt to create disruptive solutions. Over 200 ideas have received prototyping grant, seed-funding and venture funding from us!


As a startup associated with us during your incubation, acceleration or post-investment phase, you can benefit from us in multiple ways!

Networking and Opening Doors

Apart from an active network of over 400 mentors, you get to leverage the extensive IIMA alumni and faculty networks. Our team ensures that we get you introduced to whoever can help you in your entrepreneurial pursuits. Be it trying to help you find your first customer or bringing about a policy change, we will not shy in using our networks to benefit you!

Sectoral and Functional Expertise

Over the years we have build sectoral expertise within the team as well as a network of relevant experts, to be able to provide you relevant inputs. We also have inhouse team of accounting, HR and admin professional to meet your basic needs. Our panel of high-quality but affordable service providers will get you what we may fail to provide at times including hosting space, tech development, design and legal support.

Fund-raising Support

We have strong investor networks and dedicated staff that help our ventures raise subsequent funds. Apart from finding usual investors, we also actively work towards creating new investors – be it individuals or corporates. For every Rupee invested by us so far, our ventures have raised over 14 Rupees from other investors.

Resources & Community

Being a part of a cohort or being co-located builds a great community-feeling amongst our entrepreneurs. This camaraderie makes the entrepreneurs actively contribute to each others success through ideas, networks and resources. Also, CIIE has built a huge list of tools and resources that you can benefit from!

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